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二胡樂曲介紹 - Erhu Programme Notes




                          Song of a Traveller

秋詞                      Poem of autumn

眉意                      Inner feelings

弦語                      Talks of the string

弦歌                      Song of the string

弦舞                      Dance of the string

沉思                     Meditation


離騷                     Lisao

琴詩                     Poem on Qin

離別                     Etudein E Major

春野                     The Beauty of Spring

牧歌                    Shepherd’s Song

節日                     Festival

影調                     Shadow Tune

送聽                     Farewell

送春                     Second Spring

天堂                     Heaven

趕車                     Hurrying Cars

採花                     Picking Flowers

吳歌                     Song of Suzhou

鄉音                     Sound from Heart

鄉戀                     Love of my Country

角鯊                     Escualo

河曲                     Song from Yellow River Area

行街                     Leisuring

懷古                     Thinking of the old times

懷念                     Memorise

婚誓                     Promise to Marry

蒙風                     Mongolian Fantasy

紅娘                     A Beijing opera tune

楚頌                     Song of Chu

春詩                      Spring Poem

春韻                      Melody of Spring

秋韻                      Melody oAutumn

月夜                      Moonlit Night

相望                      Expecting on Both Sides

秦風                      Tune of Shaanxi

竹韻                      The Sound of Bamboo

紅梅                      Erhu Concerto No.1 : Red Plum

賽馬                      Horse Racing

遊園                      Pondering in the Garden

雨後                      After the mRain

良宵 (除夜小唱)  New Year’s Eve

豐收                   Good Harvest 

趕集                      Going to Market        

窗蠅                   A Golden Fly 

聽松                   Listening to the Pines        

悲歌                   Song of Melancholy 

彈樂                      Music for Pluck String

沉思(冥想曲)  Meditation

關山月                  Moon over the Fortified Pass

花歡樂                  Song of Joy

三寶佛                  Three Precious Buddhas

六月雪                  June Snow

黃河戀                  Adoration for the Yellow River

如訴曲                  Pouring from the Heart

汨羅江                  Miluo River

繡荷包                  Sewing the Purse

趕牲靈                  Herding the Flock

搖籃曲                  Lullaby

編花籃                  Weaving the Basket

小白菜                  Little Cabbage

思鄉曲                  Reminiscence

無窮動                  Moto Perpetuo No.2 in C Major

小看戲                  Watching the Opera

貴妃情                  Sad Story of Lady Yang

光明行                  March towards Brightness

獨弦操                  Monologue on a Single String

春秋會                  When Old Spirit Meets New Instrument

新春樂                  Music for the New Year

苦中樂                  Song in Desolation

湘江樂                  Happiness in River Xiang

三岔口                  Beijing Opera Story

長鼓調                  A Tune of Korea

楓之舞                  Dance of Maple Leaves

莽原情                  Feeling of North-western people

閒居吟                  Leisure

揷秧調                  Picture of Transplanting

花三六                  Three Six

耍山調                  A Yunnan Tune

快花六                  Quick Three Six

紫竹調                  Tune of purple bamboo

貨郎擔                  Tune of Northeastern China

月月紅                  All months are red

小開門                  Tune from Beijing Opera


紅樓夢                  A Dream of Red Mansions

草帽歌                  Song of Straw Hat

惜別離                  Reluctant to Part

一剪梅                  A Plum

滿江紅                  Reddened River

探情郎                  Visiting Her Boy Friend

逍遙津                  A Beijing Opera Song

鍘美案                  A Beheading Case

小蝸牛                  Little Snail

春閨夢                  A dream of Sorrow

清明上河圖–商隊圖    Picture of the Business Groups

清明上河圖–田園圖    Hometown Picture

清明上河圖–汴河圖    Picture of River Bian

清明上河圖–搏浪圖    Fighting the Waves

清明上河圖–盛世圖    Prosperous Era

清明上河圖–遠航圖    Sailing Far Away

清明上河圖–賞魚圖    Watching the Fish

清明上河圖–城關圖    Picture of the Castle Gate

清明上河圖–迎客圖    Welcoming guests

清明上河圖–縴夫圖    Barge hauler

清明上河圖–鄉情圖    Feel of homeland

清明上河圖–思鄉圖    Missing my Homeland

清明上河圖–看命圖    Fortune-telling

清明上河圖—田園圖    Rural picture

清明上河圖–抬轎圖    Holding a sedan chair

清明上河圖 – 驚馬圖   Taming the horse

清明上河圖 – 寺廟圖   Picture of Temples

清明上河圖 – 抬轎圖   Holding a sedan chair
清明上河圖 – 序曲       Overture

清明上河圖 – 尾聲       Epilogue

太陽祭                  The Sun Festival
倒淌河                  A small river in Qinghai

敘事曲                  Narrating stories

迷胡調                  Meihu tune

信天遊                  Shanbei Melody

紅顏劫                  A movie theme

黃土情                  Feel of my homeland

加林賽                  Jialinsai

迷胡調                  Meihu tune

鍘美案                  Beheaded Case

桃花塢                  Jiangnan feel melody

空城計                  An empty city plan

珠簾寨                 Theme from Peking opera

一枝花                  One Flower

信天遊                  A Shanbei Melody

山村謠                  Song of A Mountain Village

慢三六                  Man San Liu

新婚別                  Separation after Just Married

昭君怨                  The Grievance of Lady Zhaojun

曲江吟                  Tune of Qujiang

梆子風                  Bangzi Style Music

流波曲                  Wandering

牧人樂                  Happy Life of the Herdsmen

牧羊女                  The Shepherd Girl’s Story

琵琶韻                  Pipa Music

異鄉鳥                  Birds in a Foreign Land

皮影調                  Shadow Tune

翻身歌                  Song of Emancipation

草原上                  On the Prairie

薰風曲                  Xun Feng Qu

西口情                  Love at Xikou

豐收曲                  Bumper Harvest

豫鄉行                  Trip to Henan

迷胡調                  Meihu Tune

郿鄠調                  Meihu Tune

閒居吟                  Leisure

閩江行                  A Tour on Mingjiang River

雙聲恨                  Double Woe      

小花鼓               The Little Flower Drum Erhu solo

江河水               River Water        

病中吟               Sigh of Ailment          

懷鄉行               Homesick

喜豐收                  Happy Harvest      

拉丁風情             A Latin Melody

松花江上             On the Songhua River

雪山魂塑             Hero of the snow mountain

風雨思秋             Thinking of the hero

春江水暖(第一樂章)A warm spring scene
雪山魂塑             Heroes of the Snow mountain

美國往事             American stories
弦上精靈             Spirite of the string

炫之狂想             Rhapsody of strings

昭君出塞             Zhao-jun left her homeland

揚州小調             Yangzhou tune
戰馬奔騰              War horses galloping

塞外情思              Thoughts beyond the Frontiers
天山風情               Scenery of Tianshan

姑蘇春曉               Dawn of Suzhou

孔雀膽賦               Ballad of Guts of the Peacock

寒春風曲               Chilly Spring

寒鴉戲水               Ospreyts Sporting with Water

春遊太湖               A Spring Tour on Taihu Lake

查爾達斯               Zardas

椰島風情               Tropical Charm

春綠江南               Spring is in Jiangnan Again

野蜂飛舞               The Flight of the Bumble-Bee

長城隨想               The Great Wall Capriccio

陝北抒懷               Emotions of Shanbei

陽關三疊               Parting at Yangguan

雨後春光           Scenes after Rain            

二泉映月           Reflection of the Moon on Lake Erquan 

中花六板           Zhong Hua Liu Ban 

江南春色           Spring Sceneries of Jiangnan 

空山鳥語           Bird-call in the Mountain          

河南小曲           A Henan Tune       

家鄉小曲           A Hometown Melody

漢宮秋月           Autumn Moon over the Han Palac    

戰馬奔騰           The Battle-Horses Galloping     

燭影搖紅           Candle Shadows, Flickering Red    

葡萄熟了           The Grapes Are Ripe 

洪湖隨想              Capriccio of Honghu

高山流水             High Mountain, Flowing Water

四合如意             Shihe Ruyi

苗嶺春早             Early Spring in Mount Miao

冀東小曲             A Tune from Eastern Hebei

回鄉路上             On the Way Home

小河淌水             Flowing Stream

青春舞曲             Dance of Youth

三十里舖             Thirty-Mile Shop

風雪滿天             The Snowstorm

苦悶之謳             Song in Desolation

人靜安心             A Calm Heart

夜靜簫聲             Sound of Xiao in Deep Night

二琴光亮             Two Fiddles in One Tune

豐收道情             Ballad of Yubei Areas

長安社火             Happy Days in Changan

揚州小調             A Yang Zhou Tune

津門鼓韻             Tune of Tianjin

豫鄉情暢             A Henan Tune

舞動藍調             Dance in Blue

一步之遙             One Step only

我的祖國             My Motherland

喬家大院(愛情)  The Qiao Garden

雲南印象             Impression of Yunnan

阿曼尼莎             Amannisha

風雨思秋             Think of the Hero

人生如戲             Life is a game

瘦西湖畔             Lakeside in Yang Zhou

田野新歌             New song of Farmland

山東小曲             Tune of Shandong

駿馬奪標             Winning Horse

情深誼長             Everlasting Friendship

如歌行板             Andante Cantabile

水鄉琴緣             Music of the Water Region

蒼山抒懷             Nostalgic Feelings about Mount Cangshan

寶玉哭靈             Baoyu’s Crying over Daiyu’s Death

A的隨想             A Capriccio

江河雲夢             Dream of the Nature

粵秀清韻             Canton Tune

天籟華吟             Memorising Mr. Liu Tian-hua

喜送公糧             Transporting the Food

轅門斬子             A Beijing Opera Song

楊柳青青             The Green Willow

錫腔吳韻             Wuxi Opera Tune

赤壁懷古             A Tune from the Old Poem

除夜小宵             New Year’s Eve

流水歡唱             Song of flowing water

尋尋覓覓             Finding Around

絲雨如愁             Rain of sorrow

音詩 – 心曲           Song from the heart

金珠瑪米贊             Praise the army
流浪者之歌             Gypsy Airs
草原新牧民             New Shepherds on the Grassland
歡樂的秦川             Happy Shaanxi river

珊瑚幻想曲             Fantasia of Coral

新編郿鄠調             A New Meihu Tune

志願軍歸國             Voluntary Army Coming Back to Their Fatherland

二胡隨想曲             Erhu Capriccio

賽乃木隨想             Capriccio from Xinjiang Tune

印巴隨想曲             Capriccio of India and Pakistan

優雅的波薩             Elegant Bosa

牢記血淚仇             Remember the Hatred

大戰太行山             War in Taihang

新編楊柳青             A Jiangsu Melody

窯洞的燈火             Light in the cave

槐花幾時開             When Will the Pagoda Tree Bloom

山村變了樣         New Appearance of the Village        

豫北敘事曲         Ballad of Yubei Areas         

草原新牧民         New Shepherds on the Grassland       

火車進侗鄉         Train Entering the Dong Village    

哥哥回來了             My Brother is Back

歡樂的秦川             Happiness in Shaanxi Area

流浪者之歌             Zigeunerweisen

紅梅隨想曲             Red Plum Capriccio

火– 彩衣姑娘                Lady in Colorful Clothes

敦煌古譜四首               Four Ancient Scores from Dunhuang

心中的阿爾金               Song from a Movie

寧夏川好地方               Ningxia is a good place

洪湖水浪打浪               Wave upon Wave in Hong Lake

老貧農話家史               Past Story of the Poor Peasant

花兒紅變奏曲              Variations on the Theme Song of “Why the Flowers Are So Red?”
藍花花敘事曲              Ballad of Lan-hua-hua
卡門主題幻想曲          Fantasy on the Theme of Carmen
洪湖人民的心願          Wish of the Honghu People

三門峽暢想曲           Sanmen Gorge Capriccio 

黃梅戲變奏曲           Huang-mei opera music

紅梅主題隨想曲(節選版)The Red Plum

茅草屋里的歌聲       Song from a hut

引子與迴旋隨想曲      Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso

藍色星球──地球        The blue Earth
黃梅小調 – 打豬草      A Huang-mei tune

大河漲水沙浪沙          Floating of Big River        

紅軍哥哥回來了          My Brother is Back       

秦腔主題隨想曲          Capriccio on a Qinqiang Theme 

一根竹竿容易彎          One Cane is Easy to bend

梁山伯與祝英台          Huqin Concerto : The Butterfly Lovers

迷胡主題變奏曲          Meihu Tune

跑馬溜溜的山上          Running Horse on the Hills

中國暢想曲第五號                    Chinese Rhapsody

引子、吟腔與快板                    One flower Tune

洪湖主題隨想曲                        Honghu capriccio

太行兒女學大寨                        The People of Taihang

社員都是向陽花                        All members towards the sun

跳躍奔跑的鹿群                        A Herd of Deer

五七戰士譜新曲                        Warriors Song

引來河水灌良田                        Watering the Field

延安窯洞紅萬代                        Caves in Yanan

田園隨想曲三首                        Three songs of hometown

藍色遼闊的天空                        A Blue Sky

洞房悄悄靜幽幽                        Marriage Night

機輪飛轉歌聲揚                        Workers Song

花兒為什麼這樣紅                    Why Flowers are so red

山丹丹開花紅艷艷                    Flowers Blossoming

懷念敬愛的周總理                    Thinking of Prime Minister Zhou

美麗的西藏–日光城                 Beautiful Tibet – The City of Sunshine

評彈開篇–杜十娘                     Introduction to the Narrative Song “DU Shi-niang

遠方的客人請你留下來            Please Stay, the Visitors from Afar

江河水 VS 流浪者之歌             Flowing Together

打倒四人幫舉國齊歡騰            Revolution

Follow Me Try Feeling

無伴奏二胡曲《如來夢》    Erhu Solo Suite

二胡隨想曲第一號《思鄉》   Erhu Capriccio No.1 – Nostalgia

二胡隨想曲第二號《蒙風》   Capriccio No.2 for Erhu-Mongolian Fantasy

二胡隨想曲第三號《炫動》    Erhu Capriccio

二胡隨想曲第四號 《戈壁》  The Gebi Desert

二胡隨想曲第五號《納西》    Erhu Capriccio

D大調小提琴協奏曲                 Violin Concerto in D Major :1st Movement

二胡與民族管弦樂 – 醉里挑燈看劍   Poem from Song Dynasty

二胡與民族管弦樂 – 斷橋詠梅           A Life of Pity

第一二胡狂想曲                                  The 1st Rhapsody

第二二胡狂想曲                                  Erhu Rhapsody No.2

第三二胡狂想曲                                  The 3rd Rhapsody

第四二胡狂想曲                                  Erhu Rhapsody No.4

二胡協奏曲                                          Erhu Concerto

二胡協奏曲《別亦難》                      Erhu Concerto : Arduous Parting

二胡協奏曲《江戀》                          Erhu Concerto : Love of the Yangtze

二胡協奏曲《長城隨想》                  The Great Wall

二胡與樂隊《曲江吟》                      Song of River Qu

二胡協奏曲《帝女花》                      The Butterfly Lovers

二胡協奏曲(第二樂章)                  The Erhu Concerto (2nd Movement)

二胡協奏曲《鑄夢》                          My Dream

第一二胡協奏曲                                  The First Erhu Concerto

第貳二胡協奏曲《竹韻》                  Erhu Concerto No.2 : Spirit of Bamboo

第二二胡協奏曲《追夢京華》          Erhu Concerto No.2 : Spirit of Bamboo

第二二胡協奏曲 –疆嶺之韻              The 2nd Concerto of Erhu

第三二胡協奏曲《詩魂》                  Erhu Concerto No.3

二胡與樂隊《山河頌》                      Ode to the Country

陽光照耀著塔什庫爾干                      Sunshine on Taxkorgan

陽關三疊中胡與男聲四重唱              Parting at Yang-guan


《秋韻》創作於1989 年。應台北市立國樂團委約,為台灣二胡大賽決賽規定曲目而寫。作品採取綜合性的自由曲體,力圖將奏鳴、迴旋、變奏等傳統曲式的部分規律同民族音調的自然展開融會在一起。作品的主要音樂材料,源於作者在太行山地區深入生活時,親自採集整理的一首古老的民謠(佚名)。慢板的音樂主題具有深刻的抒情性和敘述性,音樂形象既優美、典雅又含蓄、深沉。在展開過程中,有時如泣如訴,有時如癡如醉;有時爆發出難以言狀的激情如波峰起伏跌宕。而快板中的許多材料,則是由慢板主題中的幾個特別“動機”發展衍變出來的。該作品在演奏方面的技術難度並不大;其主要難度在於對音樂語言、律動、韻味和風格等方面的細心把握和深入處理。




二胡與民族管弦樂《眉意》:歐陽修在《訴衷情•眉意》詩中描寫的是以惻隱、悲憫之心,對一位年華已逝,強顏歡笑,卻 “最痛人腸” 的歌妓生活情態所作的觀察與刻畫。樂曲在稀疏而徐緩的樂聲中展開,瓷琶的撥彈,笙簫的吹奏,以及二胡悠長而人心的旋律,以線性交替而富有層次的音響效果,塑造出一種具有畫面感的意境,加上音樂中縈繞不絕的愁緒,讓人自然聯想到詩中在清冷的冬日清晨,畫著淡淡的細長眉黛,心中卻難掩離愁別恨的歌妓的情態。旋律進行中六度音程的大跳及其衍展,正是姜白石自度曲中常見的旋法特點,加強了此曲宋詞樂調的風格特徵。
















一個孤獨的靈魄在尋找, 尋找快樂的源泉,尋找生命的意義,尋找人類苦難的安慰,就像一滴水珠,生成後進入小溪,經過漩渦急流,九曲十八彎,通過河流最後到達大海。這首樂曲是一個心靈的旅程。






《窗蠅》        (蒙古)關共格赤木利曲


張韶:一九六一年一月二十一日演繹    1:56


A Golden Fly music by Guangongkerchimuli (Mongolian)

    This was an erhu tune popular in the 1950s. In the mid 50s, a false title Window Tune similarly pronounced was used as an Inner Mongolia folk song or and instrumental recital. The original title has been popular again recently. The simple and flowing melody corresponds to the imagination and thoughts fascinated by the golden fly hopping on the window glass.

ZHANG Shao : Performed on January 21, 1961   1:56

《趕集》      曾加慶曲 


巽風:一九六三年五月演繹  項祖華揚琴伴奏   4:46

Going to Market    music by ZENG Jia-qing

      This piece is an adaptation based on the folk song Sister Wang Going to Market. The yangqin imitates the wagon driving at the beginning to the piece. Next comes the erhu melody which is lyrical and emotional to reveal the joy of heart. Part two is both warm and funny as if the music is relating what is encountered on the way to the market. In part three the music is full of emotions, showing the longing for the future. In part four the joy and funny reappeared in the melody until the atmosphere reaches the climax and the whole piece is brought to the end in an active and up going mood.

JIANG Xun-feng : Performed in May 1963; yangqin accompanimentXIANG Zhu-hua   4:46

《良宵》     劉天華曲


高韶青:一九九八年演繹          3:29


New Year’s Eve  composed by LIU Tian-hua

        New Year’s Eve is also called A Fine Evening. It was composed on the eve of the Lunar New Year in 1927. LIU Tian-hua invited to his home the youths who were then busy organizing with him the Association for the Improvement of Chinese Music, and this particular piece was an improvisation written on that occasion.

GAO Shao-qing : Performed in 1998   3:29

《彈樂》     孫文明曲 


孫文明:一九五○年代末演繹   4:13


Music for Pluck String  composed by SUN Wen-ming

      Music for Pluck Strings is also titled Tanliu (literally “pluck six”). This piece was composed in 1951, the first erhu piece by the composer. Thematic materials are based on regional narrative songs and the Jiangnan “silk and bamboo” piece Sanliu. The title also denotes a joyful mood. The innovative “plucking bow” technique is borrowed from similar technique used in plucked-string instruments. The omission of the qianjin is also path-breaking. In order to extend the length of the strings, the inner string will pass around the tuning peg of the outer string. The extended strings will create a richer and powerful tone colour.

SUN Wen-ming : Performed in late 1950s   4:13

《豐收》     王乙曲


王乙:一九五○年代演繹   3:39


Good Harvest   composed by WANG Yi

            The composer created the music according to the song which people sung at the river bank in 1953. It imitates the celebration of harvest of farmers by using variation and development.

WANG Yi : Performed in 1950s   3:39

《聽松》       華彥鈞曲


安如礪:一九九三年十一月演繹 李玲玲揚琴伴奏   3:20


Listening to the Pines   composed by HUA Yan-jun

      HUA Yan-jun (Ah Bing) (1893- 1950) was a well known blind folk musician who composed and performed on erhu and pipa. This piece has a majestic spirit and passion. It reflects the unyielding stamina of Ah Bing in his life. The melody is strong with frequent jumps in pitch. The structure is symmetric and the theme is clear and stand out. A broadening introduction represents the reverberation of pine waves in the valley and gives a brave and heroic feeling. The first and third parts are symmetrical about the main theme which forms the second part. The trills and staccatos lead out a strong horn-like tune. The second part and the main theme increases in rhythm and strength with frequent jumps in the pitch. The rhythm is complex and dynamic with frequent alla oppas. The music moves as if through steep hills. The whole piece is well integrated with a dynamic and dramatic effect.

AN Ru-li : Performed in November 1993; yangqin accompaniment LI Ling-ling   3:20

《悲歌》       劉天華曲


張尊連:一九九四年五月演繹   1:53


Song of Melancholy   composed by LIU Tian-hua

      Song of Melancholy is also called the Life is Difficult. Composed in 1927, it is a small-scale sentimental piece uttering the anxiety, loneliness and misery felt by an ambitious man. It expresses the distress and helplessness caused by the failure in his career. It was written as an outlet for his melancholy and resentment in his sufferings.

ZHANG Zun-lian : Performed in May 1994   1:53






  “三味”——哀苦、辛酸、甜美,乃人生三種不同體會。自古,有少年飽嘗哀苦、辛酸者,晚年卻峰迴路轉享受甜美;更有少年得志,意氣風發者晚景卻不堪淒涼悲哀。故,世人慨歎世事難料,怨天尤人者有之,借酒澆愁者有之,或妄自菲薄,或堅忍不拔,或自信滿滿……作者以為,“三味”,實乃人生三重境界,能飽嘗哀苦、辛酸之煎熬方能獲得甜美後視其可貴,而能抵擋甜美之後苦痛者,定能追尋出生命意義所在。 “三味”乃人生不可或缺。作品《三味》,以三隻胡琴演奏,將作者對哀苦、辛酸及甜美的理解融入曲中,更將“甜美”作為全曲終結,依託作者對聽眾終能獲得幸福人生的由衷祝願。《三味》——但求餘音繞梁,莫如雞肋。





















《四季選段 – 春》:


《四季選段 – 冬》:












































《二胡隨想曲第五號 – 納西》























是二胡曲中不可多得的、有獨特文人情懷的樂曲,以吟唱風格潤色腔韻之變化,用音樂很好地呈現了劉禹錫同名詩作《秋詞》中 “自古逢秋悲寂寥,我言秋日勝春潮。晴天一鶴排雲上,便引詩情上碧霄” 的意境。


是青年作曲家曲大衛先生2014 “南腔北調集” 系列 四曲中的一首,《弦語》的音樂,具有濃郁的新疆風格,其創作意圖並不是以簡單模仿某種具地方特色音樂素材的創作方式來進行創作,而是通過現代二胡藝術語言的表達,讓傳統的風格、韻味能夠化在樂曲裡而有所表達。